1. What is family recovery coaching about?

A. Families and friends learning what we ‘can do’ to initiate and sustain long-lasting recovery, healthy relationships, and effective communication.


2. What are the benefits of working with a family recovery coach? 

A. Helping you stay focused on the solution vs getting lost in the problem. Teaching you how to Implement new communication skills for positive outcomes for yourself and your struggling loved one. Providing individualized support options, resources, and recommendations.


3. What ways may I be supported with a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach?

a. Private coaching sessions for individuals, couples, and/or groups of family/friends, specific to your own ‘here and now’.

b. One-year BALM® comprehensive program with evidence-based practices.

c. BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror method of family recovery tools and resources to help members become effective advocates for themselves and their loved ones.


4. Where do I begin? 

A. Contact Colleen for a 30-minute confidential conversation on best steps for you and your loved one.

Colleen, Recovery Coach
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