Family recovery life coaching

for when you’re

affected by a loved one’s

use disorders—substance, behavioral,

and/or mental health conditions

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Family recovery life coaching

for when you’re

affected by use disorders—

substance, behavioral,

and/or mental health

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Colleen coaches families

to successfully become engaged and empowered change agents, first for themselves, and then for their loved ones through the BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror®, methodology. As family members begin to implement the BALM® principles they realize a transformation is taking place.



BALM® FAMILY Recovery Clients:

      • Experience a shift from denial to awareness

      • Replace despair with informed hope

      • Learn to contribute to their recovery not their use disorder

      • Partner powerfully with treatment professionals

      • Effectively communicate with your loved one for empowering transformation

      • Be a change agent for yourself and your loved one


Colleen’s mission is to provide families and individuals guidance, support, and skills to navigate through difficult challenges and create positive outcomes.




Colleen’s vision is for families, friends, and loved ones to thrive in intentional, purposeful, fulfilled living.

Colleen Bertolino

Recovery Practices LLC



Recovery Practices LLC

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