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Family Recovery Coaching

As your BALM® Family Recovery Life coach, I will help you get your life back, and help you help your loved one get their life back too.

Some BALM® Family Recovery
Methodologies I coach along with a 1-year BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery program:

    7 C’s

    • Contributing to your loved one’s recovery and not their disorder-substance, behavior, and/or mental health.
    • Connecting to your loved one on a deeper level than their disorder-substance, behavior, and/or mental health.
    • Communicating in a loving way
    • Knowing you always are at choice

      12 BALM® Principles

        • What we ‘can do’
        • Deepen learning
        • Shifting attitudes
        • Family members taking action
        • Healing relationships with self, others, and beyond
        • Be a Loving Mirror®, the journey and the destination.

      7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror®, BALM®

      • Transformative step by step ‘how to’
      • Turning love into empowering actions
      • Centered on the 7 steps essentials-love, respect, facts, and tone

        Be Your Loved One’s Best Chance at Recovery!

        Family Recovery Workshop

        12-week workshop: 12 Principles of BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror Method® of Family Recovery

          • How to support your loved one
          • Stages of change
          • Letting go of obsession
          • How to be your loved one’s best chance at recovery
          • Self-care
          • What it really means to be a loving person
          • Setting and sticking to boundaries
          • Get support
          • Healing relationship with that beyond our ego
          • Healing relationship with self
          • Healing relationships with others
          • Be A Loving Mirror® is the journey and the destination

        Be Your Own Best Chance at Success!

        BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Program

        BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror, has a 3-prong holistic approach:


          • 24/7 online support
          • Weekly interactive classes
          • Live interviews with experts, recovering persons, and recovering family members
          • 480+ recordings of courses and interviews
          • PowerPoint Lessons
          • Discussion
          • Q & A
          • 12 Principles E-Workbook
          • Additional 400+ reference materials
          • One full year of learning
          • Weekly newsletter
          • Blogs


          • In depth 8-week empowering Family Recovery course
          • Skilled guidance in scripting and practicing evidence based brief mini-interventions
          • PowerPoint Lessons
          • Discussion
          • Q & A
          • 7 Steps to BALM® E-Workbook
          • Demos
          • Guided step by step support
          • Breakout sessions give participants opportunities to practice
          • Feedback from coaches as you practice
          • Peer support weekly


          • Group coaching
          • Personal one on one coaching
          • Buddy calls between classes
          • Small group learning
          • Guided Journal workshop
          • Network of Support Resources
          • Tech support
          • Weekly emails for scheduled support groups, classes and interview

        Be Your Loved One’s Best Chance at Recovery!

        Life Coaching

        As your Life coach, I will provide private one on one professional coaching sessions with you.

        Some of my Life Coaching Methodologies:


        • Create a powerful partnership for your personal transformation
        • Design a vision, jointly, for your personal and professional life.


        • Generate possibilities and foster learning
        • Accelerate performance and progress through thought-provoking and inspiring methods, maximizing potential


        • Facilitate self-discovery
        • Promoting wholeness and balance
        • Cultivate clarity, focus, and choice


        • Hold accountability
        • Champion for success

        Mind-Body Healing Workshops

        Colleen is fully trained and certified by Peggy Huddleston to facilitate the following workshops:

        • Prepare for Surgery and Heal Faster
        • Lessen Side Effects of Chemotherapy & Radiation
        • Reduce Anxiety, Headaches & Insomnia
        • Lessen Chronic Pain and Speed Healing

         Learn mind-body techniques to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, reduce pain, and speed healing!

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