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“Know How to Speak to Your Soul!”

I felt so overwhelmed, afraid and helpless when I discovered my son’s drug use. Working with Colleen and the Balm has provided me with tools to communicate effectively, and have the support and guidance I needed. Colleen is a gifted communicator that knows how to speak to your soul!

Christine | Massachusetts

“She’s Walked the Walk!”

From what I know of Colleen she combines many years of experience with her beautiful caring heart to her practice as a recovery coach. She knows the in’s and out’s of personal and family dynamics that contribute to successful completion of treatment and ongoing sobriety. She’s walked the walk.

Kay Vogt | Psy.D

family outside

“How do I BALM this?”

In a nutshell, I felt I could always talk my truth to Colleen. She creates a safe space with her open-minded, nonjudgmental, kind, & caring presence. My biggest takeaways coaching with Colleen are: learning how to hear and be heard, letting go of obsession and results, building healthier relationships with family members through BALM practices, and planting healthy thought-provoking seeds for my loved one to engage in their own support program. I developed skills, guided by Colleen, in a step by step process of how to be clear, state the facts, and not get stuck in story. I started to believe what I see and what I hear—a process of living in truth vs. denial. My famous question to Colleen is: ‘How do I BALM this?’

Meg | Massachusetts

“Goal Setting”

Colleen is easy to talk with and each session flies by bringing clarity and unexpected insights that continue days after. I have been helped with goal setting, anxiety, and indecision. I am always left feeling positive, light, and energetic after each session and look forward to each next one.

Michelle | Massachusetts

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“Revealing Solutions”

Colleen has patience and listening skills which compliment her knowledge of revealing solutions to life’s issues facing her clients naturally. I found my sessions with her improved my ability to set goals for myself with her assistance and support.

Shirley | Massachusetts

“Incredible Impact”

I was introduced to Colleen at a time when I was struggling with a decision to retire and move to Florida. I was feeling very stressed because this would mean moving away from my son who is in recovery for substance use disorder. Colleen made an incredible impact on my life by helping me restore inner calm and peace. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Arlene | Massachusetts

“Insightful Way of Helpful”

Colleen is a dedicated coach and has a delightful, insightful way of helping me to find my own answers-sometimes to questions I don’t even think to ask! She has been instrumental in my own personal growth, having helped me to walk through some challenging life issues with grace and dignity. I recommend her very highly.

Celeste | California

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family in kitchen

Colleen Bertolino

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