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  • Certified BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach
  • Certified ICF Relationship Coach
  • Certified ICF PCC Professional Certified Coach
  • Certified CFI Family-Focused Interventionist
  • Certified Balm® 12 Principles Live Facilitator
  • Certified Facilitator Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster
  • Certified Financial Recovery Counselor

Colleen is a Certified BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror, Family Recovery Life Coach.

Colleen found her own BALM® Family Recovery after many years of feeling lost, alone, and frightened in the throes of her son’s disease. She wholeheartedly knows the efforts it takes to make life-long changes. Colleen is committed to living this step-by-step method of successful family recovery and inspiring others to partake in this transformation as well.

Through her own deeply personal experience, Colleen became a fully trained and certified BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach. Colleen believes in this family recovery method and what it can do for families and their loved ones. She envisions bringing this recovery to as many families as possible.

Colleen is passionate about helping all those who have loved ones suffering from Substance Use Disorder, Behavior Use Disorder, and/or Mental Health conditions.  She devotedly guides them in the direction of how to best support their loved ones.

As a family member and/or friend of a loved one begins to implement these principles they realize a transformation is taking place. They receive practical tools, skills, and resources to become effective advocates for a lifetime recovery journey for themselves and their loved ones.

Colleen is actively joining efforts to reach out to treatment centers and the community to help educate and support families in being their loved ones’ BEST chance at recovery.


Colleen Serves

Colleen serves and privately coaches individuals, couples, and/or groups of family and/or friends affected by their loved ones’ use disorders, for their own ‘here and now’. Colleen helps others learn what ‘we can do’ to help and a step-by-step ‘how to’ help.

As your BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach, Colleen will help you get your life back, and you help your loved one get their life back too. Colleen teaches methods and practices aimed to help others heal relationships, architect a healthy relational environment, choose empowering actions, and regain lost inner calm and peace. 

Colleen facilitates 12-Week BALM® Family Recovery workshops, 3 times a year, helping others experience their own transformation by implementing the 12 Principles of BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror method of family recovery. Workshop participants will learn effective communication for positive change for themselves and their loved ones.

Colleen is licensed and certified to enroll members in a Comprehensive 12-month, 24/7, online family recovery program. This one-year program encompasses a curriculum-based, evidence-based, professional, and peer-supported, safe place to learn, grow, change, and become your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.


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