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Family & Friends Support Hour

Family Recovery Workshop

 Join us on the First Thursday each month at 6:30 pm ET

Research shows that when the family gets help, the struggling loved one has a much greater chance of achieving and maintaining recovery.

This group meeting will happen every first Thursday of the month via Zoom and is free to all who would like to join. Each meeting will begin with a topic suggestion and/or a guest speaker.

These meetings are for you. The goal is to support you at the moment and provide tools and inspiration that you can take with you.

You do not have to share on the topic. Share whatever you need to at the time of the meeting or come as a quiet observer and collector of hope and inspiration.

12-week workshop: 12 Principles of BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror Method® of Family Recovery

    • How to support your loved one
    • Stages of change
    • Letting go of obsession
    • How to be your loved one’s best chance at recovery
    • Self-care
    • What it really means to be a loving person
    • Setting and sticking to boundaries
    • Get support
    • Healing relationship with that beyond our ego
    • Healing relationship with self
    • Healing relationships with others
    • Be A Loving Mirror® is the journey and the destination

Be Your Loved One’s Best Chance at Recovery!

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